New Year, New You and Me!

January 2nd, 2015

Hello My People,

2015 is upon us and I spent the eve and day with loved ones immersed in the vibration of TRUTH – who do we need to be to have our intentions demonstrate themselves? Actions are great as long as we anchor those actions in the heart of our life’s purpose.

I am a vehicle for Universal Love and Light to flow – through my relationships, songs, writing, Practitioner work, comedy – all the creative projects that flow through me belong to Source. I am delivering them to the world – to you.

So this month it’s about draft 2 of the book and lyrics to the musical Through This Storm and also moving forward on my new CD – still in progress – A Beautiful Surprise – and about continuing to keep my heart open no matter what!

So let’s connect deeply and stay open and receptive to the best year of our lives!

Love & Blessings,

Holy Canoli People!

December 9th, 2014

Hello My People,

I have so much to share! And please forgive my silence – so much has been going on.

My song LEAP of FAITH, co-written with my best girl Deanna Hurst, is being included on the soundtrack to this amazing documentary – Your Second Fifty! Check out the trailer at

It’s all about living the next fifty years with immense vitality and unlimited possibilities! That’s what I’m talking about baby! I just found out that I have the fitness level of a 37-year old so I’m in the flow! How about you? You can hear LEAP of FAITH at by clicking on the singer-songwriter page. Deanna is singing it.

And along those lines… this past weekend I broke my record for time in the Santa Monica Christmas Run 10k! I averaged 14.26 minutes a mile! Holy cow that was 1.5 minutes faster per mile than the week before! Girlina is rockin it!

For those of you who don’t know… I am writing a musical called Through This Storm – based on the murder of 15-year old Lawrence King. And the first draft is on track to be completed this month. I’ve been working with mentor extraordinaire – Elise Dewsberry of The Academy of New Musical Theatre in North Hollywood – and I have interest from some very wonderful Broadway folks. This project is very close to my heart and feels like a culmination of my life’s work as a theater/music major, songwriter and Spiritual Practitioner. The play is about forgiveness. Please hold it in prayer and affirmations that the highest good is served by this production. YES!

AND ALSO… I am now a certified NLP Transformational Practitioner so if your brain needs tweaking, if you need to let go of old habits, beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve you, call me up and we can reprogram your neurology! That’s what I’m saying ova here! Let’s get ready for the 2nd fifty people!

In this holiday season… I encourage you to follow your heart and take that leap of faith you’ve been longing to take. Breaking through anything is possible if you believe and are willing!

Love and Blessings,


COMEDY – CD – NEW BOOK AND WORKSHOPS! Woohoo! Who’s on a roll???

February 13th, 2014

COMEDY – CD – NEW BOOK AND WORKSHOPS! Woohoo! Who’s on a roll???

Yes, I published a book – YAY!

Laughing Your Way to Loving Yourself

In 12-Steps,



& 1-Cup of Veggie Soup for the Soul\

Here’s what people are saying…

“Enlighten-up with this delightful scripture that bridges the gap between heaven and mirth, teaching us that spiritual practice essentials include a hefty dose of humor, especially about ourselves.”
Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning

“A light-hearted spiritual journey that will awaken your sense of self, while arousing your sense of humor!” Andrea Meyerson, Director/Producer/Documentarian for Film and Television President, StandOut Production, Inc.

I will be doing a workshop – Laughing Your Way to Loving Yourself… a Spiritual Practice – it’s gonna be hi-larious so watch for details in your inbox!

If you haven’t signed up for my emails please sign up at – DO IT NOW and get a FREE MP3!


The new CD – A Beautiful Surprise is scheduled to be done by the end of March – whew – finally! The songs are my best to date and I’m very excited to have Ed Tree beautify them with his guitar solos, etc. I’m being mentored by Sheree Spoltore, President of Global Songwriter’s Connection in Nashville and she is helping me go from really good to great! So heads up My People!!!

Thanks as always for your love and support.




August 15th, 2012

Great News My Lovies!

Forgive me for not writing very much but I have been ruminating and manifesting a whole bunch of stuff! And I have been in a very “inward” journey which has resulted in some amazing happenings!

I JUST SIGNED A PUBLISHING DEAL for my music with Shadow Mountain Publishing and I am so excited because they are very enthusiastic about my songs – especially the Christmas song – I Wanna Be in Love on Christmas! I mean, who doesn’t right? Listen to it here on my Songwriter page  –

MY NEW CD “A Beautiful Life” is underway and the first song is completed - I Will Break (for you) – and you can hear on my Songwriter page –

I AM CO-WRITING A MUSICAL expected to go to Broadway! Yep! This magical Universe (and my dear friend Leslie Scholl Jaffe) has brought me together with Sarna Lapine, a wonderful writer who has Assistant Directed with Tony award-winning Directors on Broadway, is the Associate Director for the National Tour of War Horse and is a very brilliant and genuine human being. We are collaborating on a musical that shall go unnamed at this point except to say it is a very topical and powerful theme. But as things progress I will tell you all about it.

AND, just for fun in May I played the MAIN ROOM of the world famous COMEDY STORE in Hollywood! I have been asked back but am waiting until the Fall to bring some new material to the stage – ya know, more crazy, real life stories – which I have a couple few trillion.

I know you’re wondering, “Where can we hear you play mama???”

CONCERT UPDATE – I will be playing NAMASTE CAFÉ on Friday, September 28th (902 Knob Hill Ave. Redondo Beach, CA – corner of Prospect) My best pal Marianne Lewis will be on the bill with me so don’t miss this! $8 at the door OR bring a plate of homemade cookies and get in free!

PEACE NOW SPIRITUAL MUSIC FESTIVAL is now online! The very inspired Billy Shank has invited his favorite, brilliant musicians to be part of this ONLINE POSITIVE MUSIC FESTIVAL! This is a man with a powerful vision so go there and get lifted!

Thank you for loving me and sticking with me coz the best is yet to come!!!

Big Beautiful Blessings,



Celebrating The Year!

December 2nd, 2011

Wow, it’s been awhile since I wrote my blog – busy summer! So here we are and it’s the night before the Kickstarter campaign ends and I am so touched by all the love, support and pledges!  I want to take this time to express my gratitude for all the opportunities I’ve had this year and some wonderful ones coming up: the possibility of working with Charles Blenzig – Michael Franks’ musical director/keyboardist/co-writer, performing at The Comedy Store in Hollywood, The Ice House in Pasadena and again with Andrea Meyerson at Non-Stop Comedy Flight, my Nashville trip, AND I’m in conversations with Playground Entertainment to be part of their creative team writing songs creating the voices for their animated films! This is an awesome company and I am very excited!

So as this year moves into the past I lean into the love that’s all around me as I strengthen my inner KNOWING that all that I most deeply desire is coming into being. This is my prayer for me and for YOU!




May 31st, 2011

Hello My People!
Girlfriend just got back from NASHVILLE! VERY EXCITING! Had some great meetings, played out, hung with the great folks at NSAI and met a wonderful songwriter from Alabama whom I will be collaborating with – Janet Miller (find her on FACEBOOK).

BTW, my song Nothin’ Like That was recommended to be played at the quarterly Pitch to a Publisher Luncheon at NSAI. Didn’t realize how huge this is but apparently it’s like having a song on hold. Yeah baybay – I am ready!

I could go on and on but let me leave that for the newsletter – which I promise will be going out this week! Please sign up and get a free MP3 of one of my new – yet to be released – songs

Love, love, love, Roz

First April Blog!

April 5th, 2011

Hello My People,

I am getting ready to send out my first newsletter and excited to begin to be in better touch with all of you. I so appreciate your love and support and I’m moving quickly towards my goal of getting my music and comedy heard by more people and YOU all can be part of that!

Right now I am focused on 3 things – getting my songs to major artists for them to record, creating my next EP and performing  my StandUp at major venues! KNOW with me that this is happening NOW and that we are all here to be fulfilled by giving what we have to give!

I’m very excited to be writing with hit song writer Clay Drayton!  We’re working on a song that is so inspiring it will lift you right up – where you belong! So until we connect again – live your bliss!



March 17th, 2011

Hello My People,

First of all I wanna thank my loyal fans for signing up for my debut newsletter which I will be sending out in the next few weeks. You have all been hanging in with me for awhile and I LOVE YOU and love that you support me in the sweet way you do! And my commttment to you is to make more music to inspire you to live the life of your dreams! Yay!

Wow, I’m so excited about the upcoming possibilities! As most of you know I was RUNNER UP in the Durango Songwriter’s Expo “Write With a Hit Songwriter” Contest and things are hopping as a result. I was asked to make some changes to one of my songs with the idea of getting it to a major country artist – who for the moment will go un-named. But wowee would that be fantastic!

Yesterday I had the new lyrics re-sung by JoAnna Janet in Nashville – she’s a wonderful Nashville singer who works alot with The Beaird Music Group down there and is a great artist in her own right. BTW, if you need a song done with great Nashville musicians find them on the web.

Ok, so stay with me here coz there’s gonna be some cool giveaways, FREE MP3s, contests, etc. Coz you know how silly I can be and I promise to continue to bring my silliness into play so we can have fun on our way to the ‘Top, top top!” (That’s a quote from my dear pal Hazelle Goodman – actress commedienne extraordinare!)


Loving you always in all ways,


February 2nd, 2011

Oh wow, things are getting really good! I am getting ready to go to the New Music Seminar in LA and to The Durango Songwriter’s Expo in Santa Ynez – both in February and both promise to be quite successful… yes I have some things up my sleeze and you will know about them in due time my little pretties! I’ve been writing some great songs – collaborating with Eliot Popkin and my very talented sister Annie Esposito. Pretty soon you will all be getting monthly updates from me sent to your email address so please sign up for these. In the next few weeks you will have an opportunity to be part of my next CD – more on that very soon. In the meantime, live life to it’s fullest! Love & Blessings, Roz


Hey My People

October 19th, 2010

Ok my People, I have had the best time at The Durango Songwriters Expo/Conference in Boulder, Colorado! First of all I shared a room with my buddy and collaborator Michele Monte – you have to check out her website – she is amazing! We cooked in the room so we could have some good vegan food – yum. Well the highlights were – we met with Larry Beaird, Nashville producer /guitar player who has played on hit recordings with Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, Trace Adkins and Brooks and Dunn.  Michele and I are going to have Larry produce our duet “I Loved You Right”! How cool is that?! And if things couldn’t get better… my all-time favorite country writer Walt Aldridge gave me some killer feedback on my new song, “Nothin’ Like That” and our duet – how fantastic to be connecting with Nashville’s best. There’s alot of “wonderful” on the horizon so stay tuned…

Bountiful Blessings,