COMEDY – CD – NEW BOOK AND WORKSHOPS! Woohoo! Who’s on a roll???

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COMEDY – CD – NEW BOOK AND WORKSHOPS! Woohoo! Who’s on a roll???

Yes, I published a book – YAY!

Laughing Your Way to Loving Yourself

In 12-Steps,



& 1-Cup of Veggie Soup for the Soul\

Here’s what people are saying…

“Enlighten-up with this delightful scripture that bridges the gap between heaven and mirth, teaching us that spiritual practice essentials include a hefty dose of humor, especially about ourselves.”
Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning

“A light-hearted spiritual journey that will awaken your sense of self, while arousing your sense of humor!” Andrea Meyerson, Director/Producer/Documentarian for Film and Television President, StandOut Production, Inc.

I will be doing a workshop – Laughing Your Way to Loving Yourself… a Spiritual Practice – it’s gonna be hi-larious so watch for details in your inbox!

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The new CD – A Beautiful Surprise is scheduled to be done by the end of March – whew – finally! The songs are my best to date and I’m very excited to have Ed Tree beautify them with his guitar solos, etc. I’m being mentored by Sheree Spoltore, President of Global Songwriter’s Connection in Nashville and she is helping me go from really good to great! So heads up My People!!!

Thanks as always for your love and support.