New Year, New You and Me!

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Hello My People,

2015 is upon us and I spent the eve and day with loved ones immersed in the vibration of TRUTH – who do we need to be to have our intentions demonstrate themselves? Actions are great as long as we anchor those actions in the heart of our life’s purpose.

I am a vehicle for Universal Love and Light to flow – through my relationships, songs, writing, Practitioner work, comedy – all the creative projects that flow through me belong to Source. I am delivering them to the world – to you.

So this month it’s about draft 2 of the book and lyrics to the musical Through This Storm and also moving forward on my new CD – still in progress – A Beautiful Surprise – and about continuing to keep my heart open no matter what!

So let’s connect deeply and stay open and receptive to the best year of our lives!

Love & Blessings,
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